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Come and discover a career in automotive parts. We think you just might find something surprisingly cool and interesting about working in the automotive parts world for NAPA AUTO PARTS. There isn't a vehicle on the road that doesn't need some repair work done every now and again. Oil needs to be changed. Hoses go bad. Brake pads wear out. There's a story behind how every part arrived at the right place at the right time to keep our customer’s cars on the road. Parts need to be sourced, purchased, warehoused, distributed, marketed, sold through our stores and replenished. We need a lot of diverse talent to make this happen and be a leader in our marketplace.

It takes a lot of parts to keep a car moving and the same goes with NAPA. We need people to join our team in a variety of career lanes that you may have never thought existed in the automotive parts field. Explore NAPA and discover your lane!

Put Your Career in Gear

Perhaps you know what type of career path that you would like to pursue in the automotive parts industry already. If this is the case we can help you get there, but we can also help you discover careers with NAPA that you may not even know exist. That is one of the many wonderful things about NAPA, we want you to grow and find that lane or many lanes of career that excites you!

NAPA supports a full curriculum of eLearning and Classroom training in everything from Cars and their Parts, to Successful Sales Execution, to Managing a Team. Your training and development plan is assigned by role, or available for you to branch out and learn about something new. Challenge yourself!

Rev Up Your Potential

Bring your successful Leadership experience to NAPA, and let us help you apply it in leading our Stockroom, Stores or Sales Teams.

NAPA is also proud to support and grow successful leaders through the following programs:

  • Store Management Trainee Program
  • Executive Management Trainee Program
  • Associate District Manager Program
  • Associate Sales Manager Program

We structure and protect your learning environment and support you through the programs with a specific guide of everything we want you to learn, know how to do, experience, be aware of or be a part of. We believe that experiential learning is the best way to gain KNOW HOW, and we give you the room you need to make your learning your own.

More Than a Parts Store

NAPA opportunities aren’t just located at our stores. We also offer NAPA Integrated Business Solutions that supply auto parts to our public sector customers, including schools, governments, airports, and many more. In many cases, this means having a dedicated on-site NAPA IBS supplier that specializes in keeping fleets up and running.

If you work with NAPA IBS, you’ll work alongside mechanics to make sure they have the parts they need to get the job done. NAPA IBS employees also work to guarantee all parts are up to date and at the best prices available. Take a look at our job openings and consider a job in Integrated Business Solutions, you might find just what you’re looking for.


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