Diversity Drives Our Success

When you’re in the business of supplying tens of thousands of unique parts to customers spanning a wide variety of industries and cultures worldwide, the value of diversity is clear. At NAPA and Genuine Parts Company, diversity isn’t just some policy we follow, it’s central to our culture and part of everything we do.

When you're out on the road you'll see cars of different makes, models, colors, shapes and sizes. Every vehicle stands out with its own unique qualities, just as we do as individuals. As we step on the gas and accelerate our business, we know that employing a diverse workforce is not only the socially responsible thing to do, but it will also give us new perspectives on who we are as a company and where we are headed.

Across all of the Genuine Parts Company business units, we see the power of diversity every day. We see how our company, and the service we provide customers, benefit from the unique insights, talents and experiences of our workforce. And this is the Best Part — we see how cultivating a work environment that celebrates our differences leads to greater success for our company, our customers and our employees.

NAPA and Genuine Parts Company are committed to:

  • Hiring the best person for every position – regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle or physical ability
  • Providing opportunities for growth through diverse experiences and interactions
  • Creating an environment that seeks to make the best decisions, based on diverse ideas and viewpoints